The network that thinks for itself and offers you peace of mind!

Instead of operating each parking garage from its own server, the ASP Private Cloud of DESIGNA, offers you the opportunity to run your systems via a central, specially protected server.

Reliability, security, practicality and economy all in one and all only at Citytec’s parking profitability solutions.

Thanks to our ASP solution you gain numerous advantages and features such as:

99% availability

there is no need to worry about the system and if it fails. The system is set up in a cluster formation so that there is never any worries of the system being down.

Data backup

you do not need to worry about back up. The system is set up in a cluster formation and the backups are done simultaneously.

Enjoy all the latest updates

you receive the yearly DESIGNA updates, free of charge.

Savings on licensing

If you add new systems to your current server (only if you have the DBS extended) there is no need to pay for new systems that are added to the ASP server.

Savings on Energy

As your system shall be hosted on our ASP solution, you do not use electricity as you would if you had a server onsite and you reduce your OPEX.

Savings on building space

You have no server, so you are saving space for other usage.

Savings on CAPEX

As you shall not purchase the initial server, you are reducing the original amount of CAPEX needed for the system.

Unlimited commercial capabilities

You still have all the commercial capabilities on all of you systems without any additional cost.