E-Parking & Web Check-out

A cross-platform solution for e-parking & web checkout accessible from any browser. Allowing web users to book & pay ahead as well as pay for their parking afterwards.

Fast Check-out

  • Paying for parking fees faster right before exit via a native mobile app

Standard Features

  • car park screen with full price list & details
  • map view with search by area or address
  • enhanced map guidance system
  • customised marketing offers
  • book & pay in advance – includes pre-payment functionality
  • real-time push notifications
  • automatic barrier opening on entry & exit
  • real-time tracking of vehicle parking status – booking status per license plate
  • save up to 2 different payment methods
  • save up to 2 different vehicles
  • automated e-mail notifications powered by mandril app (mailchimp)
  • car wash booking requests
  • web based administration panel to manage all of the app’s dynamic content plus the e-parking, car wash bookings & marketing offers